About this website

Our website is based on the open source templates forked from Dr. Stephan Sanders. Earlier version designed and shared by the labs of D. Allan Drummond and Trevor Bedford. We downloaded source codes from their repository and modified our contents based on shared templates. We greatly thank for Stephan, Allan and Trevor for allowing reuse of their codebase.

If you use conda, these will help you start build for your own

  • Step1: Fork https://github.com/ylab-hi/ylab-hi.github.io
  • Step2: on you forked git, click setting and get your own repository name
  • Step3: Under linux
    git clone https://github.com/**yourid**/ylab-hi.github.io
    #conda create -n iobuild python=3.8 ruby=2.6.3
    #conda activate iobuild
    conda env create -f .condaenv.xml
    conda activate iobuild
    gem install bundle
    bundle install
    #local debug, would rebuild automatically everytime you changed a file
    sh start.sh
    #after confirmation of the changes you want
    bundle exec jekyll build
    git commit -am "update" && git push
    sh deploy.sh
    #Note it might take a few minutes for github.io to update, be patient

The website is deployed using GitHub Pages and the source code is available on GitHub. Please feel free to reuse this code (making sure to cite the Sanders lab, Bedford lab and Drummond lab as the original sources of the lab website template).