Jul 1st 2022
We have been awarded a research grant from the Polsky Urologic Cancer Institute!

Jun 26th 2022
A book chapter on medium and large indel detection is publised in Methods in Molecular Biology

May 31st 2022
New Grant! The lab received an R01 from NCI to support our exitron splicing study. Cheers!

Mar 29th 2022
Our lab will move to Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine in July. Cheers!

Nov 4th 2021
Collaborative paper with Dehm lab is published in Nature Communications.

Oct 1st 2021
We received a Windfeldt Cancer Research Award.

Sep 17th 2021
Collaborative paper with Farrar lab is published in Oncogene.

Sep 14th 2021
New Member! BICB master student Josh Fry joins the lab as a bioinformatician. Welcome!

Sep 9th 2021
New paper! Wang et al. 2021 published in STAR Protocols, Congratulations to Tingyou!

Aug 16th 2021
New Member! Xiaotong Lu joins the lab as a PhD student from the UMN BICB program. Welcome!

Jul 28th 2021
New grant! The lab receives an R35 (Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award, MIRA) grant from NIH/NIGMS!

Jul 27th 2021
New paper! Ren et al. 2021 published in BMC Genomics, Congratulations to Yanan and Tingyou!

Apr 28th 2021
Our exitron work is reported as a featured news by Accelerating Cancer Immunotherapy Research (ACIR)!

Apr 15th 2021
New paper! Wang et al. 2021 published in Molecular Cell, Congratulations to Tingyou & Yanan!

Mar 17th 2021
Tingyou’s exitron splicing paper was accepted to Molecular Cell, Cheers!

Feb 18th 2021
Our collaboration with Dr. Andrew Venteicher is funded by a multi-omics grant from Chordoma Foundation to understand the molecular taxonomy of Chordoma.

Sep 1st 2020
New Member! Yangyang Li joins the lab as a PhD student from the UMN BICB program. Welcome!

Aug 27th 2020
New paper! Wang et al. 2020 published in GigaScience on ITD detection in cancer.

Aug 4th 2020
New grant! We received a pilot grant from Bowling for the Battle funds to support our prostate cancer research.

Jan 14th 2020
Rendong is invitated to be a keynote speaker at the 12th BICB research symposium for a presentation entitled ‘Computational detection of novel driver alterations in prostate cancer’.

Jan 1st 2020
Congratulations to Tingyou on winning an Eagles Telethon Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Dec 3rd 2019
New grant! We received a grant from The Karl R. Potach Founndation to study WT1 alternative splicing events.

Jun 27th 2019
New federal grant! We receive a idea development award from Departmennt of Defense for prostate cancer research. See media release.

Jun 6th 2019
New grant! We receive a American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant to support our pan-cancer alternative splicing study.

Apr 17th 2019
Congratulations to Tingyou being selected one of the three finalist for Minnesota Supercomputing Institute Research Symposium .

Mar 29th 2019
Rendong is invited for an oral presentation at MCBIOS 2019 for the work on detecting DNA and RNA alterations in human cancers.

Mar 19th 2019
New paper! Wang et al. 2019 published in Bioinformatics on neoantigen detection.

Sep 28th 2018
Rendong received a travel fellowship to attend the Workshop on the Future of Algorithms in Biology 2018 at CMU.

Aug 4th 2018
New grant! We received a pilot grant from the Hormel Institute for prostate cancer research.

Jul 9th 2018
New grant! Rendong attented ISMB 2018 to receive a research starter grant in informatics from the PhRMA foundation.

Apr 28th 2018
New paper! Yang et al. 2018 published in BMC Genomics describing a new tools for indel calling from RNA-seq data.

Mar 15th 2018
New member! Dr. Ting-you Wang joins the lab as a postdoc from The University of Hong Kong. Welcome onboard!

Dec 4th 2017
Rendong joins UMN bioinformatics and computational biology program (BICB) to be a graduate faculty.

July 31th 2017
Yang lab officially opened at the Hormel Institute, University of Minnnesota.