Yangyang Li

PhD Student



Over the course of my studies thus far, it has become clear to me that further devoting myself to data-driven research is an endeavor I would find thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling. My previous work involved analyzing a set of 1400 genomics data to construct high-density genetic maps allowing QTL detection as well as genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to investigate the relationship between natural variation and vital traits. Analyzing and processing the large-scale data sets of these projects has allowed me to cultivate a solid foundation in NGS-data analysis, programming, population genetics, and data integration and visualization. I believe combining these techniques with multi-omics and applying machine learning would pave the way for more valuable, exciting, and challenging research.


  • M.S., Crop Genomics and Bioinformatics, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China
  • B.S., Agronomy, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China